Your First Visit

To facilitate the ease of your first visit, please fill out either the Online registration form and submit it online or fill out the downloadable forms and you can fax them to 415-366-8528 or bring them with you to your appointment. Now you are ready to call us to set up your appointment at 415-461-9770 ext. 0.

If you have any questions regarding your registration process you can call us at 415-461-9770 ext. 1 or you can leave us a message by clicking on the Contact link.

We are located at:

Remember to bring these to your appointment:
a. Insurance and Photo ID cards (We need them to verify that we are seeing the correct individual)
b. Pertinent medical records:
Radiology images on disk(MRI’s, CT scans, Ultrasound unless done at Marin General Hospital),
Consult notes from your referring physician, hearing tests, sleep studies, labs (pathology reports, cultures)
c. Completed registration forms ( Click here to complete the online registration).
d. Referrals (medicare patients coming in only for hearing tests that were referred by their primary physicians or Meritage/Canopy HMO patients).
e. List of your current medications

In-office procedures

Please be aware that any procedures (these include: nasal/laryngeal endoscopies, biopsies, ultrasounds, etc.) done in the office will be sent as a separate charge(unless it was a pre-scheduled procedure) from your consultation. We at Marin ENT would only do a procedure if it is medically necessary to diagnose or treat your symptoms, but if you have concerns about costs please advise your doctor or your medical assistant.

FAQs about our online registration process:


1. Is it secure?

We understand that you expect the highest level of security when it comes to protecting your personal information. Compulink uses various authentication technologies and security controls. The communication between your computer and our web server is secured with Digital Certificates. This technology ensures the privacy and integrity of your data and authenticates the identity of our servers. We encrypt your personal information with 256-bit encryption keys and verify that your encrypted information is not tampered with. Furthermore, we operate under HIPAA provision as a Business Associate.

2. How do I choose a password?

Passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number and 1 special character(i.e. !, @, #, $, %). Example: TXan@439

3. Do I need an email to register?

You do not need an email to register, but you would need to make sure to write down your registration number just in case you need to sign back in.

4. Can I correct or add information after registration?

Yes. If you have your registration number, just click on “Click here to continue a previous registration” and enter your registration number and password.

Note: If you plan on doing your registration in parts, do not submit the registration when you get to “Final Review”. Once you have completed your registration by submitting it at the “Final Review” section we usually download your information the same day and once we have downloaded the information you will not be able to make any more changes online.

5. Can I go back/skip to other sections of the registration?

There are bubbles on the left-hand side with links to the different sections that you can click to return/skip to specific sections of the registration.

6. My medication is not in the drop-down list. I get stuck on the medications page. I have numerous medications, how many can I put in?

If you can not find your medication in the drop-down list, you can type in the name of the medication in the “Or Other:” field.

The drop-down list needs to download the list of medications and may take a few minutes to download.

If you find that you are looping back in the medication section it may be that you are not filling in the “date started” section correctly. You need to fill-in all the date fields. If you do not know the exact date please leave the entire date field blank. Check to see if the date field was populated to “00/00/0000”, this usually means that it was filled in incorrectly. Please clear the date field and re-save your information.

Just click on “Add another medication”. You can add 20+ medications to your list and maybe even more.

7. I have a hard time reading the small print. Is there a way to make it bigger?

Please click on “+Increase font size” to make the font more comfortable for you to read.

8. How do I complete the registration?

You will need to go to the “Final Review” section and read the privacy statement, click the box labeled “I have read the privacy statement” and then at the bottom of the page click on “Submit Patient Record”.

Note: Your registration is not considered submitted if you choose to print your registration information. Once you’ve printed the registration information you will still need to click on “Submit Patient Record”.