About Marin ENT

The practice was established at its current location in 1974. As the oldest and leading ENT practice in Marin County, we have a proven track record of providing exceptional ENT services to our patients, hospital, and the community at large. Founded by one of its original members, Arthur C. Fenn, M.D. (now retired), he was joined by Romeo C. Agbayani, Jr, M.D. in 1998, who developed Marin ENT into its current form. The practice has since grown by the strong addition of  Alisa Dea PA-C. . In addition to the doctor and physician assistant, we have an extremely supportive team. Each team member is passionate about providing the optimal office experience for our patients. In addition, we are the only ENT practice to have dedicated certified audiologists on-site to address your hearing concerns and needs. Every individual at Marin ENT looks forward to meeting with you.

About Marin ENTOur philosophy is to be the center of excellence for ENT services in Marin County. We recognize that there are excellent otolaryngology—head & neck surgeons throughout the Bay Area; however, we believe that patients should be able to receive the same level of outstanding and comprehensive ENT care in their own community. We are dedicated to continuously improve the quality of care that we may provide by introducing and utilizing state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques, expanding our scope of subspecialty practice, and building relationships with our patients. Together with our patients, we strive for excellent outcomes as well as balance expectations with realistic goals. We understand the importance of communication and compassion in caring for patients. We are strong supporters of our community, physicians, and local hospital. As the leading ENT practice in Marin County, backed by more than 15 years of patient testimonials, we have cared for generations of families in our community. We have strong ties with healthcare providers in our community and cooperate closely to optimize patient care. We believe in the importance of a synergistic relationship between physicians and hospital to improve the delivery of health care to the community. We are closely involved in the renovation of our local hospital, Marin General Hospital. We are thankful to our patients for allowing us the privilege of treating you. The experience so far has been humbling. To our community, physicians, and hospital, we continually endeavor to improve our commitment to excellence.